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Which version of Redmine is required?

RedmineApp supports Redmine installations from version 1.1 or higher. We recommend version 1.4 or higher, due to the improved REST API of Redmine.
If you have administrator permissions you can find out the version your Redmine is currently running here: Administration > Information

Does RedmineApp support Htaccess protected Redmines?

Yes, you can use RedmineApp even if your Redmine requires an additional Htaccess login!

Does RedmineApp work with self-signed SSL certificates?

Sure, RedmineApp supports self-signed SSL certificates!

What is a REST API, how can I enable it?

The REST API is the gateway which is necessary to communicate with your Redmine Server. Please make sure that this option is enabled on server-side, otherwise RedmineApp cannot access your projects. If you have administrator permissions you can switch it on easily in your Redmine's settings:
Administration > Settings > Authentication
> Enable REST web service

If you do not have administrator permissions, click the link below to send an email with instructions to your Redmine's administrator.
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I can't edit an issue. Why?

Each time you try to edit/update an issue, RedmineApp checks if you have the required permissions for the desired action right in that moment. On the one hand this ensures that you always have the latest information about the current issue on your iPhone, right before you update it. On the other hand it ensures that you are actually allowed to update the issue due to your Redmine's roles and permissions.

I don’t have a Redmine, how can I get one easily?

If you’re looking for a Redmine hosting provider (SaaS) or just want to give Redmine a try, we strongly recommend Planio. Planio is specialized in Redmine hosting, offers a free trial, attractive plans on a monthly base and great support. Sign up for an account and you’ll have a running Redmine within minutes. More on Planio »

My question isn't listed here!

Please feel free to contact us! We'll do our best to answer your question.
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RedmineApp supports Redmine
v1.0 or higher, V1.1+ recommended.
REST API Access required.

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